7 Deadly Spins

by Lynne Hanson

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Lynne Hanson Ottawa, Ontario

Roots music, rough-around-the-edges folk. Canadian songwriter Lynne Hanson prefers “porch music with a little red dirt.” Hanson's songs are like a favorite pair of jeans. They're faded and worn through in spots, with a bit of honestly-acquired grit ground into the seams. ... more

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Track Name: Gravedigger
words and music Lynne Hanson

murder at the shipyard
as the sun went down
soul crossed over
didn't make a sound
splintered into pieces
all the lights went red
murder at the shipyard
I'm burying the dead

grave digger
that's my name
ashes to ashes
just chalk in the rain
break the rules
can't change the game
grave digger
that's my name

say he was a drifter
found him lyin neath the docks
now he's lyin quiet
in a cheap pine box
raven stare down
neck hairs stand tall
tick tock tick tock
death gonna get us all

killing at the trainyard
train jumper this time
say he caught the westbound
sometime after nine
dig dig dig
in the cold cold ground
dig dig dig
killer ain't been found
Track Name: Water's Edge
Water's Edge
words & music Lynne Hanson

axe chops wood blade fells trees
liars cheat and lovers leave
you knocked me down
cut me to my knees

shot of courage kitchen knife
two timing man I took his life
he broke my heart
so I made him bleed

I'm digging in the dark
by the light of the moon
I'm digging for my life
sun will be up soon
digging to hide what I done
as my lover lies dead
I'm digging six feet down
by the water's edge

tattered dress bloody hands
dirt covers my wedding band
I feel a cold sweat
running down my back

got no second thoughts no sinners mind
thoughts are of a different kind
there's no regrets
when a soul turn black

BREAK is verse form
moon sinks rooster crows
praying nobody ever knows
my unholy deed
down by the willow tree

as the sun rises songbirds sing
next life will be my reckoning
I know ... he'll be
waiting there for me
Track Name: My Mamma Said
My Mamma Said
Lynne Hanson / Fraser Holmes / Lynn Miles

church bells ring on Sunday
they call the born again
good sinners hurry past my cell
cross themselves when I call to them

there's bars on my window
I can barely see the sun
judgement passed upon me
I will hang for what I done
I'm set to hang
for the evil that I done

No hope for redemption
Her words are ringing in my head
The world will be a better place
That's what my momma said

born with the devil in me
dark urges fill my thoughts
I could no more change what I am
than a leopard change his spots

preacher from my town
always said I was a curse
at barely sixteen years of age
I tore him from this earth
sent his soul
tumbling from this earth


I never showed no pity
I never spared a breath
my hands got only tighter
a noose around their neck

sunrise inches closer
no mercy break my fall
I watch the growing shadow
of the gallows on my wall
watch as death
crawls across my wall

Track Name: Cecil Hotel
Cecil Hotel
words and music by Lynne Hanson

Ain't worked in months
Ain't been home in twelve
Got myself a room
Down at the Cecil Hotel
Junkies whores and vagabonds
Infamous clientele
If walls could scream they would
The stories they'd tell

Before I go to sleep at night
Pray the devil don't find me dead
Saint Christopher around my neck
Got a bible near my bed
Yeah I get down on my knees
Pray the devil don't find me dead
I sleep with one eye open
And a shotgun by my head

Had land a wife and kids
Drought buried us in red
Every Sunday prayed for rain
Got clouds of dust instead
Banker tried to take my farm
In a rage I shot him dead
Gonna burn for what I done
Kissed my family and I fled


Each morning I make my way
Down to the Sally Ann
Join the food line try to find
Some kinda of work if I can
I live among the shadows
No beauty for the damned
I live my days alone
Life of a wanted man
Track Name: Black Widow
Black Widow
words and music Lynne Hanson

raven hair
long green dress
red wine lips
rose tattoo above her breast
deep blue eyes
(she's the) kind men don't forget

she sets hearts on fire
with those long long legs
sweet sweet smile
she's a powder keg
strong men fall down
on their knees and beg beg beg

Black Widow she's a carnal mistake
Black Widow there is no escape
she's the last bad choice
any man is gonna make

she's been married 5 times
that sweet Northern Belle
husbands drop like flies
it never ends well
the rumours swirl
but dead men don't tell

how she plans
to the smallest detail
she ain't never been caught
ain't spent a day in jail
she sure looks good
in that long black veil


her grieving heart
heals up awful quick
didn't take long
to find husband number six
he's a little naive
and a whole lot rich

they were last seen
on hwy 105
newlywed ragtop down
out for a drive
he was looking kinda pale
ain't gonna survive ....
Track Name: Run Johnny Run
Run Johnny Run
Lynne Hanson / Lynn Miles

whippoorwill stopped singing
the cows all ran away
buzzard took a deep breath
there'll be dying done today
pitchforks sticks and matches
man its too late to pray
five souls crossing over
if the devil gets his way

flames are rising higher
moon is turning black
run Johnny run
run Johnny run
run Johnny run
son don't look back

a minute after midnight
knocking at the door
crazy drowned out reason
now there's fresh blood on the floor
hear moaning in the corner
air tastes like kerosene
jesus melting on the wall
trying not to scream


shadows dance and flicker
dog growling at the gate
salt stings the barbwire kiss
fresh across your face
cold night air is whistling
notes pound in your brain
fireflies fill the sky
ashes fall like rain
Track Name: First One's Free
First one's free
words and music Lynne Hanson & Al Wood

Cadillac glides down Dixon Road
Past a man on his knees begging for his soul
Snake oil cure what he’s been sold
Mississippi string tie old school bling
Close your eyes won’t feel a thing
Cue ball cracks as the blade slips in

Tom Cat dance
on the old tin roof
Whiskey burns
hundred 60 proof
Sharp dressed man
in prison blue
First one's free
don't mind if I do


Mutton-chop sideburns alligator shoes
Shark skin suit and cheap tattoos
Table full of rounders (got those) five card blues
Deal from the bottom caught in the act
Jack goes wild drags him out back
House always wins it’s a natural fact


Long brown hair rhinestone suit
Diamond cap and a golden tooth
Blood and rose covered cowboy boots
Peanut Charlie catch him if you can
Swears up and down he didn't kill that man
Fingers crossed on his bible hand